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For me, designing is a form of expression. The love and passion I contain for designing were realized when I began experimenting and designing backgrounds for my laptop. Eventually, I made the connection that using technological functions to make art could be put to use and not just exist as something I utilize as a pastime. This is when I learned that I was creating Graphic Design. At this point, I began researching more tools that I could utilize to design. Through the years I have grown immensely through experience.

During my growing period, I had figured out who I was as a designer. I have developed my very own unique and artistic style. Nevertheless, my creative process is still improving and evolving. There is a unique element of simplicity that I have developed as a designer. Simplicity seems to catch the eye of the audience and convey the message more clearly. Sometimes less really is more.

If you have not yet, please take a look at my portfolio to get a feel for how I design. Looking to work with me or want to learn more about me? Great! You can get started by emailing me.

I Can Help Provide Solutions.

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Bring ideas to life

Bring Ideas to Life

Brand identity, designing graphics for blog posts, web banners, social media, and newsletters. Wireframes, mockups, typography, and layouts. 

Share the Best Design

Create, design and share

Share the Best Design

Create, design and manage MailChimp newsletters based on the client’s needs and branding. I can create custom automations to achieve your goals and perform A/B testing.

Display Your Website

Responsive, clean design

Display Your Website

Build responsive WordPress websites, and ensure the back end is secure and optimized. Site management includes troubleshooting errors, managing plugins, creating backups, and increasing site optimization.

Feel Free to Contact Me

If you wish to contact me about job opportunities, freelance work, your free website audit or even just to chat, please don’t hesitate to contact me! I will respond as soon as I can.