Project Brief

During the first discovery of COVID-19 in 2020, I was tasked with working with a web developer to create web pages on the company website with daily updates. This included several web pages with many sources of information relevant to residents of Pittsburgh. This project was done in a short amount of time, less than a week, during the beginning of 2020.

View web page screenshots – Click images to view live web pages

Initial Planning

Due to the tight timeframe, there was little time to plan and prepare concepts. Planning consisted of what type of web pages were needed, how many web pages were needed, and the type of content to go on each page.

Testing and Revisions

Testing was done carefully, but as quickly as possible due to the time constraint. I worked along with a web developer to ensure animations and icons show up properly on the main COVID page. Testing all links, different devices and different web browsers are some of the ways that testing was done.

Final Live Versions

Once the final page designs were tested and pushed live, content was to be added and updated daily. This also meant that there were multiple updates a day to most or all pages. The website and web pages working properly were highly important due to thousands of page views a month.