Project Brief

This project involved creating and designing a website from scratch for a brand new mobile app. First, I had connected with the client to have meetings in order to understand what type of website they were looking for. I began to initially plan by hand-drawing wireframes and came to the decision of a scrolling single-page with all needed content. From there, I used a web host and went through the steps of setting up their domain name, website, cPanel and other web maintenance. I developed the website using WordPress and a custom theme to bring their app branding to life. The end result was a functional, responsive website that I added content to when needed. As time went on, I had walked the client through simple copy changes on the website if they preferred to make quick edits themselves. While the app and company was still active, I maintained the website through updating plugins, content, images, security, backups, and more. I ensured that their website was secure, and also optimized for the fastest loading times.

View web page screenshots – Click images to view live web pages

Initial Planning

Wireframe website layout, decide on the best web host provider, and then begin to set up the client’s domain name and WordPress website.

Testing and Revisions

Website testing was done to ensure the website was working properly at all times. Responsiveness was tested, along with testing the web page for fast loading speeds and image optimizations. Testing was also done for the contact form to be sure any inquiries were sent to the client’s email address.

Final Live Versions

After testing and design approval from the client, the website was complete. The finished website design and development were posted live and shared along the client’s social media.